There is no such person as a white hacker

Takayuki Kawamoto

1st appeared: 2016-08-02 11:43:25.

Just now I read “Niantic CEO John Hanke's Twitter account hacked” and OurMine, “that claims to assess social network account security, so the hack seems like a marketing stunt, directing users to upgrade account security.” Recently we can read entries in which people say as if there is “white hackers” in the world, but I think this is not a case. By what and any motivation, a criminal activity is just illegal and there is no justification to save such an action.

Usage of a word “white hacker” would lead us to think that there is a difference between “good” hackers and “bad” ones, but it would not be sure that the former should not become the later in the future. We should learn abilities in security, programming or any technologies by education and these are not innate ones. We do not know any natural-born hackers nor natural-born crackers. Anyone could become a hacker under certain motivation, situation or condition as well as could become a cracker under other motivation, situation or condition. And they might become a cracker by some reason on the other day as well as they might become a hacker by another reason at any time. So it must be silly to distinguish “white hackers” from “crackers” as if they have an innate ability to do the right / wrong things at anytime and forever.

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