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24-hour race won by molecule that traveled 1 micron
Manager's Handbook (2020)
Show HN: This AI Does Not Exist
The slowest and longest music piece ever, is being performed for 639 years
I stopped working on black hole information loss. Here’s why
Inside the longest Atlassian outage
The Dunning-Kruger Effect Is Autocorrelation
Elliptic Curve Cryptography: A Basic Introduction
Overengineered Japanese Mechanical Pencils [video]
Calculating Pi on the 4004
The Principles of Deep Learning Theory is gone
One-line drawings
Moreutils: A collection of Unix tools that nobody thought to write long ago
Over 15% of world population has a headache on any given day
We decided to move 90% of our workload from the cloud to on-prem infrastructure
Privacy-Respecting Software
What Le Corbusier got right about office space
Human Brain Compresses Working Memories into Low-Res ‘Summaries’
Welcome to 'Le Monde' in English
USB-C hubs and my slow descent into madness (2021)
Finally We May Have a Path to the Fundamental Theory of Physics
Zero Trust Architecture doesn't solve all problems, but partial ZTA solves fewer
I'm a scam prevention expert and I got scammed
Books I Will Not Write #8: The Year of the Conspiracy – Charlie Stross
I didn't return my Apple Studio Display
1950 Census Records
Show HN: Visualize your day as 144 rectangles
Seriously, Stop Using RSA
The Design System is now live
Show HN: A plain-text file format for todos and check lists
A few things to know before stealing my 914
Difftastic: A diff that understands syntax
Ask HN: How dangerous is it to trust Google?
Microplastics detected in human blood in new study
The Dark Side of Minimalist Design: Updating Dieter Rams’ Ten Principles [video]
Your computer is a distributed system
Jack Dongarra wins Turing Award
How is portable AM radio possible?
The Uselessness of Phenylephrine
Show HN: Caddy-SSH
The Raymond Smullyan Society
Articles from as responsive HTML5 web pages
The SHA-256 Project: learn how hash functions work by implementing one yourself
Buttons as Finite Automata
I became the world's most prolific DJ, using code
If you’re not using SSH certificates you’re doing SSH wrong (2019)
Open Golf: A cross-platform minigolf game written in C
The illusion of evidence based medicine
A Way Out for A.out
Crows know what they know and can ponder the content of their own minds
MDN Plus
Researcher uses 379-year-old algorithm to crack crypto keys found in the wild
Show HN: We made an open-source personalization engine
Pocket-sized cloud with a Raspberry Pi
Diagrams: Open-Source Alternative to Lucidchart
Implementing a toy version of TLS 1.3
Start Self Hosting
Physics in a diverse world, or a spherical cow model of physics talent
In Praise of Memorization
Portrait vs. Landscape – more than meets the eye
Please put units in names
My biggest mistake as an RPA developer
Automating cookie consent and GDPR violation detection
Plain Text Sports
Sumerian dog jokes, or the difficulty of translating dead languages
Results of 500 MicroSD Benchmarks on SBCs
CSS's !important was added for one reason only
An update on the status of superdeterminism with some personal notes
The Windows Shutdown crapfest (2006)
The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate (2018)
Decrypting your own HTTPS traffic with Wireshark
No is a complete sentence
Plaintext Productivity
I think US college education is nearer to collapsing than it appears
Random number generator enhancements for Linux 5.17 and 5.18
Using hamburger menus? Try sausage links (2019)
Types versus sets (and what about categories?)
Court finds calling stuff open source when it's not is false advertising
Physically Based Rendering: From Theory to Implementation
In-flight surgery with a coat-hanger and silverware
H.264 is Magic (2016)
US Senate votes unanimously to make daylight savings time permanent
The marketplace of rationalizations
Show HN: Create your own complete UI color system easy as 1-2-3
Zelensky video deepfake
Crypto Startup That Wants to Scan Everyone’s Eyeballs Is Having Some Trouble
SNMP Is Dead (2018) [video]
Geniuses of the past were aristocratically tutored
Bunny DNS – A scriptable DNS platform
Cron best practices
It’s almost impossible to lose anything in Japan
Israel passes law denying naturalization to Palestinian spouses
What Is a Law of Nature?
The Art of Plain Text (2015)
Newer TP-Link Routers send large numbers of requests to Avira servers
Twitter makes it harder to choose the old reverse-chronological feed
You don't ever own an electric vehicle
Why Single Sign on Sucks
Why Werner Herzog thinks human space colonization “will inevitably fail”
Convert curl commands to code in several languages
To understand what is wrong with the west, think of libraries
HeyWhatsThat – Calculate viewshed and panorama for any point on Earth
Earn-IT threatens encryption and therefore user freedom
I read the top 100 Scientific papers of all time
John von Neumann thought he had the answers
Inspecting Web Views in macOS
Hawking Hawking: The Selling of a Scientific Celebrity
Uber funds new lobbying group to deny rights for gig workers
The tech industry controls CS conference funding. What are the dangers?
Lasers could cut lifespan of nuclear waste from a million years to 30 minutes
A Formal Theory of Spaghetti Code
What things cost in Ancient Rome (2007)
The Case for Induction Cooking
Teaching is a slow process of becoming everything you hate Technical Notes – Q4 2021
The Society of Mind (2011)
Algorithms for Modern Hardware
Windows Defender is enough, if you harden it
MicropolisJS: A JavaScript clone of the original SimCity
Show HN: All desktop software calculators are wrong, so I had to build my own
My lizard brain is no match for infinite scroll
Federated Learning with Formal Differential Privacy Guarantees
The Dirty Pipe Vulnerability
So you want to study mathematics
A neurologist who hacked his brain and almost lost his mind (2016)
An update on the threat landscape
SPAs Were a Mistake
Amazon to close all of its physical bookstores and '4-star' shops
Show HN: Huemint – Machine learning for color design
SingleFile: Save a complete web page into a single HTML file
Brains and algorithms partially converge in natural language processing
Using CMOS Sensors in a Cellphone for Gamma Detection and Classification
Win32 is the stable Linux userland ABI (and the consequences)
Lambda Calculus in 400 Bytes (2020)
Understanding the War in Ukraine
Cryptographers achieve perfect secrecy with imperfect devices
A practical guide to securing Google Workspace for a startup
Is Grammarly a keylogger? What can you do about it?
How I learned French in 12 months (2020)
Make Linux look like Windows 95
A almost perfect rsync over SSH backup script
Don't Use RAR
Moving the Linux Kernel to Modern C
NewPipe: A lightweight YouTube experience for Android
Show HN: Snipd – AI podcast player to highlight and take notes with transcripts
In most countries, Dictatorship is far from a distant memory
Simple passwordless authentication for web projects
Scholars once feared that the book index would destroy reading
Real time Linux has one known issue remaining
The fastest GIF does not exist
Be anonymous
A Vicious Cycle: The Dangerous Dehumanisation of Cyclists
Final Fantasy 7: An oral history (2017)
Google Tag Manager, the new anti-adblock weapon
A Fundamental Theory to Model the Mind (2014)
Ask HN: Why should I trust password managers?
Uniting the Linux random-number devices
“He who touched it last, owned it”: On the death of Unix pioneer Lorinda Cherry
AWS S3: Sometimes you should press the $100k button
Don’t point out something wrong immediately
S2n-QUIC (Rust implementation of QUIC)
Static B-Trees: A data structure for faster binary search
The Unreasonable Math of Type 1 Diabetes's robots.txt
The future of Currents and the next generation of collaboration in Spaces
Feynman on group decision-making at Los Alamos (1985)
IBM Plex Typeface
Why won’t anyone teach me math?
Fretastic: Guitar fretboard visualizer – scales, intervals, backing tracks
Show HN: SHA-256 explained step-by-step visually
You can change your number
Files – Single-file photo gallery and file manager
How the World Went from Post-Politics to Hyper-Politics
Last-resort cancer therapy holds back disease for more than a decade
Japan’s love affair with the fax machine (2021)
Why are mathematicians so bad at arithmetic? (2017)
The Karikó problem: Lessons for funding basic research
Facebook loses users for the first time
Non-Consensual Personalization
Twitter expands downvote test worldwide
People don't want to run their own bank
Show HN: I made a little digital circuit simulator that operates on PNGs
Routed Gothic Font
The case for and against analogies
What’s so hard about understanding consciousness?
Apple's privacy push cost Meta $10B
Deming's Red Bead Experiment (2002)
For some searches the whole screen on Google is now ads
PFX: How Not to Design a Crypto Protocol/Standard (1998)
Ask HN: Why the Obsession with Note Taking?
Stop Brainstorming
MIT 6.S081 – Operating System Engineering
She was a notorious hacker in the ’80s – then she disappeared
How a gray painting can break your heart
Personal calculator has key to solve any equation f(x)=0 (1979) [pdf]
CyberChef – The Cyber Swiss Army Knife
Myths about Social Media
Bitwarden: Free, open-source password manager
How the Native American population changed since the last census
An open letter on E.O. Wilson's legacy
Equipping backbone networks with DNS resolution infrastructures
systemd service sandboxing and security hardening (2020)
My First Impressions of Web3
Nvidia tool generates full 3D models from a single still image
Bypassing Door Passwords
Bashforth: A Forth interpreter, written as bash script
A neuroscientist prepares for death
Burn My Windows
What Is the Small Web?
A New Future for GnuPG
Ledger – the first peer-reviewed journal on blockchains and cryptocurrencies
Ban CSS Margins
Elizabeth Holmes found guilty
Google no longer producing high quality search results in significant categories
A unified theory of VC suckage (2005)
Ultra High Resolution Photo of Night Watch (2022)
A not so gentle intro to web3
Summary of Atomic Habits
Webster’s 1913 Dictionary for macOS
The Darker Side of Aaron Swartz (2013)
Category Theory: Lecture Notes and Online Books
Japan HP accidentally deleted 77TB data in Kyoto U. supercomputing system
There Is No Such Thing as a “Legal Name”
DeepCreamPy- Decensoring Hentai with Deep Neural Networks (2018)
The New Irrelevance of Intelligence
Handbook of Graph Drawing and Visualization (2013)
Table Oriented Programming (2002)
Microplastics in food and drink may be fueling a dramatic rise in bowel diseases
How did LastPass master passwords get compromised?
The Graphical User Interface – 1945 to 1980
Why the C Language Will Never Stop You from Making Mistakes
Sega Europe suffers major security breach
New Malware Uses SSD Over-Provisioning to Bypass Security Measures
Adult Literacy in the United States (2019)
“Let's stop using NPS”
Why is my Rust build so slow?
Linux Kernel RNG is now Blake2 instead of SHA1 and 3x faster
Gmail is blocking emails with links to Tutanota
Joan Didion has died
All Bitcoin private keys are on this website
Stealth bomber in flight on Google Maps,-93.5946774,253m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xd87af7588b9c362e!8m2!3d39.0218056!4d-93.5945833
China forbids data encryption using a key greater than 256 bits
We fought an anti encryption law in Belgium – and won
Why Not Rust? (2020)
An Origami Samurai Made from a Single Sheet of Rice Paper
I was part of a human subject research study without my consent
Unix Shell Programming: The Next 50 Years
Pico CSS Framework
I started a paper website business
Uncomfortable Truths in Software Engineering
HTTP/3 Is Fast
AWS appears to be down again
Crypto Theses for 2022 [pdf]
Putty maintainer on his attitude towards security and open source
Win-Vind: Become an instant ninja in operating Windows at the speed of thought
Old CSS, New CSS (2020)
Tacit knowledge is more important than deliberate practice
This website has 81% battery power remaining
Sleep technique used by Salvador Dalí works
Space Weather Live
Summary of the AWS Service Event in the Northern Virginia (US-East-1) Region
Show HN: Randomize HTML content to test your defensive CSS
Unix philosophy without left-pad, Part 2: Minimizing dependencies
Firefox is the alternative to a complete Chrome hegemony
Effects of Toxoplasma on Human Behavior (2007)
The internet is held together with spit and baling wire
My Custom CSS Reset
Einstein award going to Paul Ginsparg for creating
Novel mind-body program outperforms other treatments for chronic back pain
Computer Science was supposed to be taught to everyone, and wasn’t about a job
Pragmatism as Anti-Authoritarianism
Web Clipper: save anything on the web to anywhere
You can't download this image
Keymacs: Modern Symbolics-Style Keyboard
Reality shifting: an emergent online daydreaming culture
Comparison of Operating System Complexity (2020) [pdf]
Fingerprints can be hacked
The history of Berkeley DB
Advanced Forth Programming Topics
Finite State Machines in Forth (1995)
A Forth Story...
Forth Lessons
Thoughts on Forth Programming
Levels of code in Forth programming (2002)
Forth: The Hacker’s Language
Backdooring Rust crates for fun and profit
“Click to subscribe, call to cancel” is illegal, FTC says
New and improved Linux Random Number Generator ready for testing
Tasking developers with creating detailed estimates is a waste of time (2020)
Individuals Matter
Reverse-engineering the Yamaha DX7 synthesizer's sound chip from die photos
The case of the 500-mile email (2002)
Flowchart: How should I run containers on AWS?
Apple isn’t patching all the security holes in older versions of macOS
Creating the first consumer humanoid robot – suggestions for apps?
Mathematicians Find Structure in Biased Polynomials
The Mind’s Body Problem
Journal of Functional Programming Moving to Open Access
1991 – a server-side web framework written in Forth
Performance comparison: counting words in Python, Go, C++, C, Awk, Forth, Rust
The Melancholy of Subculture Society (2009)
Blind people won the right to break eBook DRM, but they'll have to do it again
Best Practices for Connecting to NTP Servers
Parents built their own school app, ignoring warnings that it might be illegal
Applications and Techniques for Fast Machine Learning in Science
This word does not exist
Conspiracy theories bypass people’s rationality
Photoshop’s journey to the web
Evidence for European presence in the Americas in AD 1021
Stop Calling Everything AI, Machine-Learning Pioneer Says
Explaining top(1) on FreeBSD
Banning anonymous social media accounts is not the answer to online abuse
Willingness to Look Stupid
Tenex, a Paged Time Sharing System for the PDP-10
A fancy open-source self-hosted monitoring tool
Why so many of us are casual spider-murderers
DPRK Textbooks
Why Did Satoshi Decide to Use Secp256k1 Instead of Secp256r1?
Poincaré, Heisenberg, Gödel and the limits of scientific knowledge
The Mind Has No Firewall (1998) [pdf]
Len Sassaman and Satoshi: A cypherpunk history
Blue light from monitors no danger to eyes or sleep
SSH Tunneling Explained
Explaining explaining: a quick guide on explanatory writing
Why Multitasking Doesn't Work
Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Private Web Attestation with Multi-Vendor Hardware
How Japan’s Thomas Edison Built the Nation’s Most Complicated Clock
Anil Seth Finds Consciousness in Life’s Push Against Entropy
Details of some 100M visitors to Thailand exposed online
Sometimes mindlessness is better than mindfulness
Shodan Search Engine: Search Engine for the Internet of Everything
Apple’s app review prevents developer from submitting fix to game for the blind
Do not leave XPS laptop in any sleep/hibernate/standby mode when placed in a bag
Toybox: All-in-one Linux command line
Using RSS to replace social media
TheseToonsDoNotExist: StyleGAN2-ADA trained on CG cartoon faces
Truth about ProtonMail
Spook: Side channel attack which could read the memory from Password Managers
Real World Database Latency
An overview of the theory of overparameterized machine learning
Incident Response to September 20th 2021
The Framework is the most exciting laptop I've used
Show HN: 40k HN comments mentioning books, extracted using deep learning
A solution to Newcomb's paradox
Walking Normally: The Facts (2013)
Smart kids should skip high school (2015)
My life after quitting social media
Barnyard breakthrough: Researchers successfully potty train cows
I refuse to let Amazon define Rust
The Road to Self-Reproducing Machines
Has AI found a new foundation?
Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma: systematic review of RCTs
Pollen – A library of CSS variables inspired by TailwindCSS
Kubescape - first open-source tool to test K8s according to NSA and CISA
Voila – From notebooks to standalone web applications and dashboards
On the link between great thinking and obsessive walking
PAM Duress – Alternate passwords for panic situations
Hand gestures that last longer than spoken languages
The Secret Lives of Mosquitoes
What happens to your brain when you give up sugar
Apple is suing a startup that can vet its child safety features
German parliament pens letter to Apple with concerns over CSAM detection system
Programmable Trap Can Kill All Viruses
Hash collision in Apple NeuralHash model
Convert Apple NeuralHash model for CSAM Detection to ONNX
Elm at Rakuten
Asahi Linux for Apple M1 progress report, August 2021
How to prevent email spoofing, using an unholy combination of silly standards
Released Google/zx – tons of DX improvements and more
Email Authenticity 101: DKIM, Dmarc, and SPF
Widelands is a free, open-source real-time strategy game
Typography in Alien (2014)
Scanning “Private” Content
Touted as clean, ‘blue’ hydrogen may be worse than gas, coal
GitHub: Git password authentication is shutting down
A future for SQL on the web
1Password 8 will be subscription only and won’t support local vaults
Apple Has Opened the Backdoor to Increased Surveillance and Censorship
Mosh: The Mobile Shell
Fault Injection Attacks Against AMD's Secure Encrypted Virtualization
Why I Wrote PGP (1999)
An open letter against Apple's new privacy-invasive client-side content scanning
Crypto community slams ‘disastrous’ new amendment to big infrastructure bill
The Problem with Perceptual Hashes
Body mapping study suggests chronic pain comes in nine distinct types
Bug in Lynx' SSL certificate validation – leaks password in clear text via SNI
Thinking about “traceability”
Israel tries to limit fallout from the Pegasus spyware scandal
Chronofold: A data structure for versioned text (2020)
The Windows 96 Story
Has the Lead-Crime Hypothesis Been Debunked?
How to format text in Twitter
Low level is easy (2008)
Windows 11 comes bearing THAAS, Trojan Horse as a service
Bye-bye, Bitcoin: It's time to ban cryptocurrencies
Tomato fruits send electrical warnings to the rest of the plant when attacked
Congress Beats Up Charter Schools
Ttfautohint – a 99% automated font hinting process
Freenom, the free domains website, is a scam
Simulating worlds on the GPU: Four billion years in four minutes
The Economic Consequences of Major Tax Cuts for the Rich [pdf]
Please, enough with the dead butterflies (2017)
I’m a Parkland Shooting Survivor. QAnon Convinced My Dad It Was All a Hoax
Language records reveal a surge of cognitive distortions in recent decades
Russia disconnects from internet in tests as it bolsters security – RBC daily
Anna Kiesenhofer: Mathematician, amateur cyclist, Olympic champion
Google results for PHP tutorials contain SQL injection vulnerabilities
Japanese Typewriters
Some stuff I found interesting about number theory research
BLAKE3 1.0
Understanding Rust futures by going way too deep
Strengthening our workplace with neurodiverse talent
A Unix-style personal search engine and web crawler for your digital footprint
K-9 Mail is back
Empty storefronts are killing neighbourhoods
Neofetch: Command-line system information tool written in bash
Self hosting is important
Electromagnetism is a property of spacetime itself, study finds
Fun with Unix domain sockets
How the Python import system works
Software engineering research is a train wreck
How Bell’s Theorem proved ‘spooky action at a distance’ is real
size_t-to-int vulnerability in Linux’s filesystem layer
A case against security nihilism
(All) DNS Resource Records
Facebook drops funding for interface that reads the brain
How many real numbers exist? New proof moves closer to an answer
What Is the Axiom of Choice?
ArchiveBox/ArchiveBox: open-source self-hosted web archiving
Deciduous: A Security Decision Tree Generator
Beyond “Fermi’s Paradox” XVI: What Is the “Dark Forest” Hypothesis?
Time(1) and CPU Frequency Scaling
Give me /events, not webhooks
Resources for Learning Computational Complexity Theory
A shift in American family values is fueling estrangement
A Storage Crisis
The vital art of talking to strangers
The unreasonable effectiveness of just showing up everyday
Npm Audit: broken by design?
Corona Game: A simulation of how Covid-19 spreads
Neurons unexpectedly encode information in the timing of their firing
Probably Approximately Correct – A Formal Theory of Learning (2014)
IT Without Software
A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy (2003)
Check If Email Exists
Functors and Monads for People Who Have Read Too Many “Tutorials”
Why the text terminal cursor is important for accessibility
User Inyerface – A worst-practice UI experiment
Microsoft's Introduction to Rust Video Course
Rally, a novel privacy-first data sharing platform
Zsync: Differential file downloading over HTTP using the rsync algorithm (2010)
Internet in a Box
Six ways to make async Rust easier
Biochemical Pathway Maps
I wrote a children's book / illustrated guide to Apache Kafka
The Document Culture of Amazon
Cryptanalysis of GPRS Encryption Algorithms GEA-1 suggest intentional weakness
Why I Support the Haskell Foundation
The most copied StackOverflow snippet of all time is flawed (2019)
Don't just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening (2010)
Modulinos in Bash
The 88x31 GIF Collection
Advanced console.log Tips and Tricks (2020)
Can humans live forever on a single food diet?
EFF Browser Tracker Simulator
Lethal Autonomous Weapons Exist; They Must Be Banned
DuckDuckGo’s Quest to Prove Online Privacy Is Possible
GitHub – nushell/nushell: A new type of shell
Thinking Like Transformers
If you think Psychological Science is bad, imagine how bad it was in 1999
Google Workspace for everyone
Ripgrep 13.0
Windows 10 to be retired in 2025, as new OS unveils
Myths in cycling: wider tires are slower
Show HN: Generate a free visual sitemap by crawling any website
You can legally get and run WordPerfect for free
Stripe Identity
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE)
The state of the Linux kernel security (2020)
Universities have formed a company that looks a lot like a patent troll
Survey shows people no longer believe working hard will lead to a better life
Developers can't fix bad management (2020)
Always Be Quitting
Privacy Analysis of FLoC
How Hard is your Email to Say? (2020)
No general method to detect fraud
Netherlands must ban cryptocurrencies immediately: CPB head
Don't Feed the Thought Leaders
Post Mortem: Incorrect Cache Configuration Exposes Personal Information
A Project of One’s Own
Study shows how taking short breaks may help our brains learn new skills
Ohio sues Google, seeks to declare the internet company a public utility
What the Fastly outage can teach us about writing error messages
Password Managers
Non-technical security best-practices for open source projects
Declassified Cold War code-breaking manual on solving 'impossible' puzzles
Apple, Mozilla, Google, Microsoft form group to standardize browser plug-ins
Twitter Ban in Nigeria
HTML and CSS techniques to reduce your JavaScript
Why Prefetch Is Broken
Virtual deck of cards using just a browser
America has a drinking problem Cert Expired
Helix: a post-modern modal text editor
Science Fiction Writer Robert J. Sawyer: WordStar: A Writer's Word Processor
Small B Blogging (2018)
What we lose when literary criticism ends
WordTsar, a WordStar Clone
We only ever talk about the third attack on Pearl Harbor
The most expensive number in engineering
Rethinking the computer ‘desktop’ as a concept
Google made it nearly impossible for users to keep their location private
Amazon devices will soon automatically share your Internet with neighbors
Philip K. Dick: A Visionary Among the Charlatans (1975)
GPG-Tui, a Terminal User Interface for GnuPG
A Japanese Company Cut 80% of the Time Needed to Manually Count Pearls
How Japanese technology shaped dance music
Did a weak WiFi password lead police to our door?
Scion – A Novel Internet Architecture
Hash Functions for GPU Rendering
The Limits to Blockchain Scalability
Why Decentralised Applications Don’t Work
If Apple is the only organisation defending our privacy, it is time to worry
One man’s fight for the right to repair broken MacBooks
Dorodango: the Japanese art of making shiny mud balls (2019)
Why I prefer making useless stuff
A new replication crisis: Research that is less likely to be true is cited more
NNCP: Lossless Data Compression with Neural Networks (2019)
Extreme HTTP Performance Tuning
Quantum Computer Datasheet [pdf]
AMP pages no longer get preferential treatment in Google search
MUM: A new AI milestone for understanding information
A teenager's guide to avoiding actual work
Nonnative English speakers share their gripes about speaking English
Show HN: Nyxt Browser 2.0.0
Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) to be retired on June 15, 2022
Why Is It So Hard to Detect Keyup Event on Linux?
Cryptoqueen: A woman scammed the world, then vanished (2019)
Faster web fonts
The True Size of Africa (2015)
Modern Javascript: Everything you missed over the last 10 years (2020)
Show HN: Vandal – an alternate navigator to Wayback Machine
Systemd: The Good Parts
Building a personal website in 2021
HTML Notepad – HTML WYSIWYG editor
The brain maps out ideas and memories like spaces
System76 Launch Keyboard
Spencer Silver, inventor behind the Post-it Note, has died
Ask HN: What are the best typography talks?
Why Bad CEOs Fear Remote Work
Ads are impersonating government websites in Google results, despite ban
Rescue Mission for Sci-Hub and Open Science: We are the library
Work from Home and Productivity
Cloudflare’s CAPTCHA replacement with FIDO2/WebAuthn is a bad idea
Zstandard v1.5.0
Delaying a Covid vaccine’s second dose boosts immune response
Discord Rebranding
Overcoming Tab Overload
Don't Talk to Corp Dev (2015)
Forth: Stack-Manipulation Operators
Brain-Computer Interface User Types 90 Characters per Minute with Mind
DarkSide ransomware gang quits after servers, Bitcoin stash seized
Show HN: A URL Lengthener
Quantum Leaps, Long Assumed to Be Instantaneous, Take Time (2019)
Amazon Sidewalk
Nonsense Laboratory
Workplace Wellbeing Is a Scam
Can I Email?
ServiceNow acquires Lightstep
Dear EU: Please Don't Ruin the Root
US declares state of emergency in infrastructure cyberattack
The Hume paradox: how great philosophy leads to dismal politics
Amazon Fake Reviews Scam Exposed in Data Breach
A New AWS SDK for Rust
The Complete Hypercard Handbook
Kolmogorov Complexity: Extensions and Applications
Compose for Web
60% of school apps are sending student data with third parties without consent
The Autodidactic Universe
HN: The Good Parts (2016)
What's so special about vector embeddings
Efficiency Is the Enemy
Multitasking hurts performance and may even damage the brain (2018)
How we use web components
Tilting Trains and Technological Dead-Ends
Apache Arrow 4.0
When will your elevator arrive? Two physicists do the math
TimescaleDB raises $40M
National Artificial Intelligence Initiative
Netflix's “Love Is Blind” Wants Unpaid Photographer for Five Weddings
History of Programming Languages
Blockchain Is Not Decentralised
CLUI: Building a Graphical Command Line
Orbit is now open source
Forth – The Early Years (1991)
Amazon knew seller data was used to boost company sales
Practical SQL for Data Analysis
The Unix Magic Poster
Back in 1993, I was taking a number theory class
Diffie-Hellman for the Layman
Request for comments regarding topics to be discussed at Dark Patterns workshop
The Goodreads “Classics”: A Computational Study
Daisugi, the 600-year-old Japanese technique of growing trees out of other trees
New evidence that British workplaces are losing viewpoint diversity
Cryptography and how to deal with man-in-the-middle attacks in JavaScript
The World the Suez Canal Made
Zanzibar: Google’s Consistent, Global Authorization System
The Fourier transform is a neural network
Uncomputable Numbers
Honkaku : Japanese whodunnits that play fair by the reader
Algorithm Agility?
Why AI is harder than we think
Google have declared Droidscript is malware
Show HN: Open-source high-res Mars map, in natural colors
Better air is the easiest way not to die
JavaScript for Data Science
Foundations of Information
How to Learn Unix Tools
Why Governments Fail
Strand Programming Language
New proof reveals that graphs with no pentagons are fundamentally different
Best practices for remote software engineering
Dan Kaminsky has died
Rust Language Cheat Sheet
On the bare necessity of psychological safety
Starting a new digital identity
Why I distrust Google Cloud more than than AWS or Azure
“They introduce kernel bugs on purpose”
Show HN: Litmaps – Visual Research Discovery Tool
How to navigate directories faster with Bash (2015)
Software Engineering Body of Knowledge
Unicode Proposal – Textile Care Symbols
Content-aware image resizing in JavaScript
QUIC and HTTP/3 Support Now in Firefox Nightly and Beta
Logica: Modern Logic Programming
Elite philanthropy created vaccine apartheid
The war against money-laundering is being lost
Packets in packets: in-band signaling attack for modern radios (2011) [pdf]
Build a Raspberry Pi Linux System the Hard Way
School custodian refuses to download app that monitors location, got her fired
The Dawn of a new Command Line Interface (2017)
Tracking Users Across the Web via TLS Session Resumption (2018) [pdf]
Is content moderation a dead end?
What the Dunning-Kruger effect is and isn’t
FreeBSD 13.0
1Password Secrets Automation
Pass: The standard Unix password manager
Quantum computing’s reproducibility crisis: Majorana fermions
Towards the Science of Essential Decentralised Infrastructures (2020)
The Economic Consequences of Increasing Sleep Among the Urban Poor
A Soroban Beats an Electric Calculator (1946)
The Product-Minded Software Engineer (2019)
A Guide to Color from 1692
Et Tu, Procter and Gamble?
NoSQL Data Modeling Techniques (2012)
uBlock Origin works best on Firefox
What Is Fuzz Testing?
Redefining Threat Modeling: Security team goes on vacation
A bit of XENIX history (2014)
The Edges of Our Universe
UTF-8 as told by Rob Pike
7% of Americans don’t use the internet. Who are they?
The Unparalleled Genius of John von Neumann (2019)
All C++20 core language features with examples
Writing HTML in HTML (2019)
Neuroscientists discover a molecular mechanism that allows memories to form
“I’ll Finish It This Week” and Other Lies
How Browsers Lay Out Web Pages
533M Facebook users' phone numbers and personal data have been leaked online
Man who thought opening a TXT file is fine thought wrong
The Norway Problem
Writing Your First Kernel Module (2019)
How Doctors Die (2013)
TLA+ Action Properties
Android's new Bluetooth stack rewrite (Gabeldorsh) is written with Rust
Hitachi to buy U.S. software developer GlobalLogic for $9.6B
Turing Award goes to Aho and Ullman
Inside a viral website
Fighting cryptojacking and doing good things with content security policies
Scientists create simple synthetic cell
Tracing Paper (2020)
How to Criticize Computer Scientists (2001)
Show HN: A Latin self study course, Khan Academy-style
Problems with low DNS TTLs
Retrospective review of Gödel, Escher, Bach (1996) [pdf]
Sleeping octopuses may have dreams, but they're probably brief
Work Force: Frederick W. Taylor offers some productivity hacks (1911)
The Deno Company
USB 3.0* Radio Frequency Interference on 2.4 GHz Devices (2012)
First known gene transfer from plant to insect identified
A “Better C” Benchmark
Louvre makes its entire collection available online
The Revolution in Classic Tetris
Yes, Other Countries Do Housing Better, Case 1: Japan
Plan 9 from Bell Labs in Cyberspace
Cargo Cult Science (1974)
The Future of Perl
Bitwarden_rs: Unofficial Bitwarden compatible server written in Rust
Do-It-Yourself Book Press (2006)
Reality as a Vector in Hilbert Space
Show HN: A Directory of Personal Blogs
Gallery of interactive fluid simulations. They are configured with plain text
Swarms of soldier crabs can implement logical gates (2012)
U.S. Government Finally Gets Serious About IoT Security
Super Resolution
ShellCheck: A static analysis tool for shell scripts
Show HN: Sorted CSS Colors – Sort the named CSS colors in a nice way
Interview with CEO of “no firewalls and no routers”
WireGuard Removed from pfSense
Manim – an animation engine for explanatory math videos
A Model of the Cosmos in the Ancient Greek Antikythera Mechanism
The internet didn’t kill counterculture – you just won’t find it on Instagram
M.2 on a Raspberry Pi – The Tofu CM4 Carrier Board
Myanmar's satellite held by Japan on space station due to spying concern
Sir Tim Berners-Lee warns of widening digital divide
Computational Algebraic Topology, lecture notes [pdf]
The Unreasonable Ecological Cost of CryptoArt
A Vim Guide for Advanced Users
1991's PC technology was unbelievable (2011)
Alternative shell with native support for JSON, YAML, TOML, CSV, etc.
Ask HN: Always on low power home server
Massively parallel ultrafast random bit generation with a chip-scale laser
Show HN: Email Cleaner: Clean tracking links and pixels from email newsletters
Exercise generates immune cells in bone
Noweb – A Simple, Extensible Tool for Literate Programming
Reviewing the Book Review
A single cell slime mold makes decisions without a central nervous system
Ismail al-Jazari – the medieval 'Father of Robotics'
Graphtage: A semantic diff utility for JSON, HTML, YAML, CSV, etc
Building a Design System at a Startup
Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World – Full Video
A 'Lamborghini' of Chariots Is Discovered at Pompeii
Weird architectures weren't supported to begin with
Immersive Linear Algebra
Francis Bacon: Revelations review – a landmark biography
Ancient Babylonian Algorithms: The Earliest Programs catalogues all the probes that still communicate with Earth
Users are losing out against Big Sur’s sealed System
Warren Buffett's bet against hedge funds at the Long Now Foundation (2008-17)
How fighting games use delay-based and rollback netcode (2019)
Actually Portable Executables
Get a Life
Show HN: QueryCal – calculate metrics from your calendars using SQL
Create animated GIF and WebP from videos using FFmpeg
In Defense of Substack
Cname / DNS based third party tracking
Not Lisp again (2009)
Show HN: A Native Tiling Window Manager for Windows 10, Inspired by I3wm
OMU – “One Man Unix”
Little League wants all your information
New study finds most Americans don’t care about inequality
The Gambler, Maxwell’s New Demon
Sir Kazuo Ishiguro warns of young authors self-censoring out of 'fear'
Build a Business, Not an Audience
The Global Population Crisis That Never Was
On the Experience of Being Poor-Ish, for People Who Aren't
Fish Shell 3.2
How I cut GTA Online loading times by 70%
NYTimes Peru N-Word: My side of the story, in four parts
The Hijacking of
75 Years Ago, 'War of the Worlds' Started a Panic. Or Did It?
Bastion – A Highly-Available Distributed Fault-Tolerant Runtime for Rust
Show HN: Why does an A note sound different across instruments?
Your Thinking Rate Is Fixed
Generate Flowcharts from Text
Show HN: I wrote a book about using data science to solve “everyday” problems
Automated Reasoning as an Annoying Child
One Way to Represent Things
Kindergarden Quantum Mechanics Graduates
Show HN: Horcrux, a Playground for Shamir Secret Sharing
rpi-open-firmware: open-source VPU side bootloader for Raspberry Pi
A Simple Way to Reduce Cognitive Bias
Common Nginx misconfigurations that leave your web server open to attack
Daft Punk Break Up
A love letter to ISC bind
Bird watching goes both ways
Experimental quantum homomorphic encryption [pdf]
Practical Color Theory for People Who Code (2016)
We haven’t seen a quarter of known bee species since the 1990s
Four Basic Truths of Macroeconomics
Why SELECT * is bad for SQL performance
Wallenius Oceanbird: Wind-powered cargo vessel
Stop Swiss Cheesing your calendar
100-GHz Single-Flux-Quantum Bit-Serial Adder Based on 10-KA/Cm2 Niobium Process
Why updating DNS is slow
Turing test considered harmful (1995) [pdf]
Graph theory, graph convolutional networks, knowledge graphs
Change your MAC address with a shell script
Show HN: Haven – Run a private website to share with only the people you choose
Dark Patterns at Scale: Findings from a Crawl of 11K Shopping Websites (2019)
The Science of Reasoning with Unreasonable People
Website Fingerprinting on Early QUIC Traffic
An Archeologist’s Guide to Beer Cans
'Price gouging from Covid': student ebooks costing up to 500% more than in print
Personal experiences bridge moral and political divides better than facts
CDC website built by Deloitte at a cost of $44M is abandoned due to bugs
New Empty Units
Show HN: Keynavish – Control the mouse with the keyboard (Windows)
A Model for Identity in Software
Iran's blogfather: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are killing the web
Building a personal data warehouse in Snowflake for fun and no profit
RFC 8959: The “secret-token” URI Scheme
Why I still Lisp
Ouroboros: A Provably Secure Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Protocol [pdf] (2019)
Rome in 3D
Launch HN: LayerCI (YC S20) - Staging servers that act like (and replace) CI
Phantom Malware: Conceal malicious actions by imitating user activity
A Collector of Math and Physics Surprises
The MIT License, Line by Line
NES.css – NES-Style CSS Framework
Most of the time, you don’t really need another MOOC
OO in Python is mostly pointless
Machine learning saves us $1.7M a year on document previews
Automating my job with GPT-3
The unreasonable effectiveness of simple HTML
WebRTC is now a W3C and IETF standard
Topology 101: The Hole Truth
Nq – a simple Unix job queue system
Delta Chat – decentralized chat via email
Is Mathematics Real? (2020)
Why Working from Home Will Stick [pdf]
How Homogeneous Is Japan?
Pip has dropped support for Python 2
Show HN: I built Multy – Generate a short URL to share a list of websites
Study Reveals Immune Driver of Brain Aging
Show HN: Iconduck – 100k open source icons, downloadable and searchable
Wehe – Check Your ISP for Net Neutrality Violations
Remembering Windows 3.1 themes and user empowerment
Pidgin – A Universal Chat Client
Categories of Nets
Are We Really Engineers?
A Visual History of Interpretation for Image Recognition
That XOR Trick (2020)
The Problem with Writing-Style Advice
GPT-Neo – Building a GPT-3-sized model, open source and free
Three reasons fungi are not plants
Tech companies are profiling us from before birth
Software effort estimation is mostly fake research
NSA Recommends How Enterprises Can Securely Adopt Encrypted DNS
Mnm – an open source project to replace email and SMTP
Big O Notation – Explained as Easily as Possible
Algorithms for Decision Making
The Earth has been spinning faster lately
Permanent suspension of @realDonaldTrump
Identical twins are not so identical, study suggests
College campuses are designed at human-scale – cities can be too
Unix shell pipelines have two usage patterns
Wasmer 1.0
Show HN: Cmap – interactive visualization library for concept map
Lunar Programming Language (2018)
Matomo: Open-source analytics platform
What I Use Instead of Google
Deep-learning text-to-speech tool for generating voices of various characters
NSA Wanted Backdoor Access in Linux, Says Linus Torvalds’ Father
DOSBox-X: Free, cross-platform and complete DOS, Windows 3.x and 9x emulation
DALL·E: Creating Images from Text
Jamming Attacks and Anti-Jamming Strategies in Wireless Networks
New quantum algorithms finally crack nonlinear equations
Money laundering via author impersonation on Amazon?
PeerJS – Simple peer-to-peer with WebRTC
GNU Units
Truck Art in Pakistan
What I’ve Learned in 45 Years in the Software Industry
Physics Without Probability (2015) [video]
Evidence for entropy maximisation in human free choice behaviour
Superhuman is Sublime Text for Email
Computerworld Archives: Back from Vintage Microfilm
Castlevania III Password Algorithm
Any Monotone Boolean Function Can Be Realized by Interlocked Polygons (2010)
Rust is now overall faster than C in benchmarks
Looks vs. Results: My ugly ad got 150% more clicks than a professional design
ECC matters
URL shorteners set ad tracking cookies
When Big Brands Stopped Spending on Digital Ads, Nothing Happened. Why?
Removing Google as a Single Point of Failure Part 2: Gmail
Python – Create large ZIP archives without memory inflation
Endnotes on 2020: Crypto and Beyond
NumPy Illustrated: The Visual Guide to NumPy
Collaborative Thinking: Takeaways from 21 lessons for the 21st century
Show HN: The Agora is an experimental social network
YouTube removed a Cybersecurity channel without much reason
Top Python libraries of 2020 you should know about
Computer Science textbooks that are freely available online
Ten year study: No link between violent video games and aggressive behavior
Against Essential and Accidental Complexity
Graph Toy, an interactive graph visualizer using mathematical functions
Messengers of hope: two mRNA Covid-19 vaccines herald a new era for vaccinology
20 Years Later
They want us to be compliant, not secure
How China Is Using Huawei-Made Cameras to Spy on the African Union Headquarters
The Dunning-Kruger Effect Is Probably Not Real
A Brief History of Jamaican Jerk
How much math you need for programming (2014)
Überzug: A CLI utility for drawing images on terminals
Executable PNGs
1937 film explains how a car differential works
Fun with IP address parsing
Hotwire: HTML over the Wire
How to Favicon in 2021: Six files that fit most needs
Monopoly was invented to demonstrate the evils of capitalism
Tokio 1.0 – async runtime for Rust
Paleontologists are trying to understand why the fossil record is mostly males
Tips for a Better Life
Fantasy UI
What Privacy Is For (2012)
The Parity of Zero
NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions
Magician-turned-mathematician uncovers bias in coin flipping (2004)
Fitting all human knowledge in a box
Artificial Intelligence – The Revolution Hasn’t Happened Yet
Microplastics found in the placentas of human fetuses
Double Blind Passwords a.k.a. Horcruxing
Common security vulnerabilities with crypto websites and APIs
No Cookie for You
Centering in CSS
To the brain, reading computer code is not the same as reading language
Windows Subsystem for Linux performance is close to bare-metal Linux
A computer science study plan to become a software engineer
Firefox Was Always Enough
Tsundoku: The art of buying books and never reading them
Getting started with C programming a lightning-fast start for absolute beginners
Imgdiff: Faster than the fastest pixel-by-pixel image difference tool
Ask HN: Does truly private DNS hosting exist?
The Secret History of Windows Task Manager from Retired Microsoft Engineer
Become Shell Literate
Why radio receivers won’t tune 800-900 MHz
Show HN: An anti-book recommendation tool, to help you escape your echo chamber
If-then-else had to be invented
Privacy matters even if “you have nothing to hide”
Goodreads plans to retire API access, disables existing API keys
In Pictures: How much plastic are you eating?
We need legal controls on web advertising
Lambda School Is the Biggest Mistake I Made This Year
Google Outage
Cameras and Lenses
Software Design for Flexibility
Simple and flexible tool for managing secrets
Zero-click, wormable, cross-platform remote code execution in Microsoft Teams
A Modern JavaScript Tutorial
A guide to preventing Webscraping
To What Extent Do We See with Mathematics?
The Covid Science Wars
Dijkstra Was Wrong About 'Radical Novelty'
Undergraduate Math Student Pushes Frontier of Graph Theory
Email Lessons from Napoleon
Covid forced bookstores online. Can they survive?
Development of the Domain Name System (1988) [pdf]
Foundations of Probabilistic Programming
Yet another macOS privacy protections bypass
On Casuistry
Ethereum 2.0 launches
“Accentism” is real, but impossible to end
Stupid Light Software
GPG and Me (2015)
Legally operating a job board in Japan
An Introduction to Geometric Algebra (2012)
Notation as a Tool of Thought
I Built My Own Shitty Static Site Generator
CAPTCHAs don’t prove you’re human – they prove you’re American (2017)
A New Study About Color Tries to Decode ‘The Brain’s Pantone’
Apache OpenMeetings – Video chat, messaging, white board, doc editing and more
World's first no-kill eggs go on sale in Berlin (2018)
Email a Dumpster Fire
The Origin of the Shell
Pimutils: The coreutils of personal information management
Magic mushrooms are changing the lives of terminal cancer patients
Your brain runs your body using something like a budget
Java is better than C++ for high speed trading systems
Players to sue for hundreds of millions over use of their statistics
We need a FrontPage that lets common folk retake the internet with creativity
Another free CA as an alternative to Let's Encrypt
Zoomquilt (2004)
List of human-centered software engineering dissertations
You Are the Product (2017)
We’re Optimizing Ourselves to Death (2019)
Your Computer Isn't Yours
macOS Big Sur
Paul's Online Math Notes
macOS unable to open any non-Apple application
The Black Hole Information Paradox Comes to an End
Guido van Rossum joins Microsoft
Evidence-based software engineering: book released
Archaeologists Discover Viking Age Ship Burial in Norway
The Denialist Playbook
Problem Solving Techniques
I wrote JavaScript to avoid JavaScript
Turing Incomplete Languages
How does consciousness even make sense?
Dog – A command-line DNS client written in Rust
Why Concurrency Is Hard
The power of HTTP headers and examples
Security scorecards for open source projects
Notes on Grief
How Python bytecode is executed
A Theory of Universal Learning [pdf]
Japan's New Hydrogen Project
Ox is a fast text editor, written in Rust, that runs in your terminal
How to publish Git repos that cannot be republished to GitHub
What Bitcoin’s White Paper Got Right, Wrong and What We Still Don’t Know (2018)
Why I Prefer Functional Programming
Tobler's First Law of Geography
Precomp: Further compress files that are already compressed
Foundations of Software Engineering
Awk: `Begin { ` Part 1
'Time Cells' Discovered in Human Brains
Is Rust web yet? YES And it's freaking fast
Next.js 10
Are the brain’s electromagnetic fields the seat of consciousness?
The No-Code Generation is arriving
Research team discovers breakthrough with potential to reverse Alzheimer's
Mobilizon – A free, federated tool for events and groups
Homotopy Type Theory [pdf]
Get started with 2-minute rule
Type in the exact number of machines to proceed
Taikyoku Shogi
Origami Simulator
The Coming Civil War over General Purpose Computing (2012)
You Don’t Need a Blockchain, You Need a Time-Series Database
‘It’s a superpower’: how walking makes us healthier, happier and brainier (2019)
Pandoc – A universal document converter
Planet eBook – Classic literature publications formatted for popular devices
Show HN: Which DNS servers are you pointing to? - A map of wheelchair accessible places
I Am Seriously Considering Going Back to Desktop Computers
List of Generative Art and Live Coding Tools
NYC’s new digital subway map
/* You Are Not Expected to Understand This */
The majority of Facebook's traffic now uses QUIC and HTTP/3
PayPal to allow cryptocurrency buying, selling and shopping on its network
Facebook Container for Firefox
How to put machine learning models into production
Exponential growth in DDoS attack volumes
Zeptoseconds: New world record in short time measurement
Banks help scammers with their bad UI
TSP Tour in 3D through 2,079,471 stars
Cat Gap
The Nikon Small World Competition
Nontransitive Dice
Neural Databases
Cognition All the Way Down
Teageneration (or: why I don’t trust transporters) (2016)
Welcome to the Old Internet Again
Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming
The Problem of Free Speech in an Age of Disinformation
Email to Former Board Member
Thoughts on Conway's Law and the Software Stack
Experimental evidence for compositional syntax in bird calls (2016)
Lessons from Bug Hunters Who've Found 400 Bugs in Popular DBMSs
Groundbreaking discovery finally proves rain can move mountains
A guide to understanding HTML APIs
Luhmann's Original Zettelkasten Digitalized
The UNIX Time-Sharing System (1974)
Why the Arabic world turned away from science (2011)
1000 Years Before Darwin, Islamic Scholars Were Writing About Natural Selection
RC – The Plan 9 Shell (c. 1990) [pdf]
“35-50% of clicks on Reddit Ads are fraudulent”
New study suggests handwriting engages the brain more than typing
JuliaMono – a monospaced font for scientific and technical computing
Celery 5.0
Humans are more closely related than we commonly think
FastCGI – The Forgotten Treasure (2002)
Amazon turned off customer’s Kindle account, blocking her from her books (2012)
Algorithm discovers how six molecules could evolve into life’s building blocks
How Coronavirus Spreads (airborne update)
Type-Level Programming in Rust
AI Can Detect Covid-19 in the Lungs Like a Virtual Physician, New Study Shows
An Introduction to Computer Networks (2015)
Ogden's Basic English
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Compression
Principles of Data Oriented Programming
Tesla hacker reveals what driver-facing camera is looking for
Show HN: Turn your “read later” folder into a physical book
AWS releases open source diagramming and visualization tool
Full-Bleed Layout Using CSS Grid
Missing Covid-19 test data was caused by the ill-thought-out use of Excel
The End of the American Internet
40th Anniversary of the Ethernet
How the Police Use AI to Track and Identify You
Formal Models for Ethics
NestedText, a nice alternative to JSON, YAML, TOML
Mathematicians should stop naming things after each other
Traffic Prediction with Advanced Graph Neural Networks
GnuPG 2.2.23
Reddit app got 50M downloads by making mobile web experience miserable
Identifying and Eliminating Unintentional Ambiguity in Written Communication
Ask HN: What does performance management look like at your company?
Modern C
Mark Twain’s Mind Waves
What Satoshi Did Not Know (2015) [pdf]
Winamp Skin Museum
The Lancet: World population projections by 2100
We didn't encrypt your password, we hashed it
All forms of signing email are generally solving the wrong problem
Guide to the Many Meanings of Quantum Mechanics
Massacring C Pointers (2018)
Understanding How the Time-Based One-Time Password Algorithm Works
Ask HN: Captcha Alternatives?
2020's Existentialist Turn
RFC8890: The Internet Is for End Users
Bcrypt Step-by-Step
The Joy of Cryptography
Launch HN: SuperTokens (YC S20) – Securely manage session tokens
American Academy of Sleep Medicine calls for elimination of daylight saving time
Clearly Zoom still don't understand GDPR
AI slays top F-16 pilot in DARPA dogfight simulation
Over three billion people worldwide now play video games, study reports releases new deep learning course, libraries, and book
Efficiency is dangerous and slowing down makes life better
College Notebook by Isaac Newton
Moreutils – Unix tools that nobody thought to write (2012)
OpenAI's GPT-3 language generator has no idea what it’s talking about
macOS Security and Privacy Guide
A Text-Based Desktop Environment
“Time of the Magicians” – philosophy's great decade?
Named Tensors
Show HN: Dungeon Map Doodler – Free online map drawing tool
Response to Google open letter
Mindfulness and meditation can worsen depression and anxiety
A Twist on Schrödinger's Cat Paradox
A 35-year-old bug in Patch found in efforts to restore 29-year-old BSD
We should discuss soil as much as coal (2019)
The Computational Limits of Deep Learning
A man who saved Kyoto from the atomic bomb
Why Apple believes it’s an AI leader–and why it says critics have it all wrong
Alcohol as a social technology to check the trustworthiness of others (2014)
The Psychedelic Inspiration for Hypercard (2018)
So You Want to Learn Physics (2016)
Some Fundamental Theorems in Mathematics (2019) [pdf]
Frances Allen has died
A philosophical difference between Haskell and Lisp (2015)
Laws of UX
In October 1953 Paul Niquette coined the word 'software' (1995)
Universal Basic Income is Capitalism 2.0
When Unix Learned to reboot(2)
The source code for over 50 companies has been leaked and posted publicly
MP3 Is 25 Years Old
Do computers make us more safe or less safe?
Weird Shell – Structural Regular Expressions Unix Shell Made in Rust
Apache Arrow 1.0
Writing a file system from scratch in Rust
Usability of Footnotes
An Introduction to the Resource Description Framework (1998)
I am a model and I know that artificial intelligence will take my job
Workers fear returning to work. Many are resisting the call
Inventing the Beach: The unnatural history of a natural place (2016)
Tor 0day: Stopping Tor Connections
Recursive, a free variable font for code and UI, now on Google Fonts
Amazon met with startups about investing, then launched competing products
62% of Americans Say They Have Political Views They’re Afraid to Share
My thoughts in response to the lawsuit against the Internet Archive
Buy on Google is now open and commission-free
Who still needs the office? U.S. companies start cutting space
Pseudo-Random vs. True Random (2012)
Etcd, or, why modern software makes me sad
Passbolt: Self hostable, open source, password manager for teams
You've only added two lines – why did that take two days?
Everything I Know (1975)
Where Am I? NYTimes or Google?
Gödel Incompleteness for Startups (2013)
A Number Theorist Who Solves the Hardest Easy Problems
A tale of latency and broken windows
The gap between learning code and producing usable software
Robert's Rules of Order (1876)
Intuitive Guide to Maxwell's Equations
Lights and Shadows
The Whimsical Website Club
Why we won’t be supporting Sign in with Apple
A visual chronicle of Tokyo’s disappearing jazz bars (2016)
Roy Fielding's Misappropriated REST Dissertation
Better Geometry Through Graph Theory (2018)
Windows98 Running in the Browser
Neurons that fire together, wire together Ok, but how?
Perceptions of musical octaves are learned, not wired in the brain
Surgical Reading: How to Read 12 Books at Once
iOS14 reveals that TikTok may snoop clipboard contents every few keystrokes
Street-Fighting Mathematics
An even worse anti-encryption bill than EARN IT
Almost 1 in 3 pilots in Pakistan have fake licenses, aviation minister says
Mathematics in type theory
NPhysics: 2D and 3D Real-Time Physics Engine for Rust
Covid-19 has led to a pandemic of plastic pollution
I Am Deleting the Blog
Nanoplastics accumulate in land-plant tissues: study
The death of the private citizen?
Dungeon Scrawl: Old school maps in minutes
Initial Covid-19 infection rate may be 80 times greater than originally reported
Teaching physics to neural networks removes 'chaos blindness'
Elevator.js – A “back to top” button that behaves like a real elevator
Deciphering Single-Byte XOR Ciphertexts
Discovering Dennis Ritchie’s Lost Dissertation
How is NSA breaking so much crypto? (2015)
Wireless Is a Trap
The History That James Baldwin Wanted America to See
CindyJS: A framework for interactive mathematical content on the web
Losing the war against surveillance capitalism, we let Big Tech frame the debate
Show HN: Random Roads
Teach Yourself Computer Science
Cuckoo++ – High-Performance Hash Tables for Networking Applications (2017)
A free introduction to quantum computing and quantum mechanics
Advice to Young Web Developers
We need to do the math, even on “small” projects
The Return of the 90s Web
Go generics draft design: building a hashtable
Covid-19: The T Cell Story
Time to Upgrade Your Monitor
Basics of Pneumatic Logic
Generics and Compile-Time in Rust
Plastic rain is the new acid rain
MIT Ends Elsevier Negotiations
Forth implemented in Rust trait system
Forecast, don't guesstimate your software projects
The relationship between mindset and age
Windows Explorer Through the Years
How We Write
Death of a Typeface
A guide to writing a DNS Server from scratch in Rust
Helvetica, a documentary on typography, graphic design and global visual culture
Zettelkasten note-taking in 10 minutes
Useful Links for JavaScript Developers
Show HN: Create a Deep Fake Video from Any Image
Cryo-electron microscopy breaks a key barrier
Nicolas Bourbaki: The greatest mathematician who never was (2019)
Germany bans digital doppelganger passport photos
Unker Non-Linear Writing System
Show HN: Grid.js – Advanced table library that works everywhere
DeepFaceDrawing Generates Photorealistic Portraits from Freehand Sketches
The Beauty of Unix Pipelines
Currents: Have Meaningful Discussions at Work
Programming is boring art
Hoare’s Rebuttal and Bubble Sort’s Comeback
Rust: Dropping heavy things in another thread can make your code 10000x faster
Fuchsia overview – “Fuchsia is not a science experiment”
Zero-day in Sign in with Apple
Org Mode – Organize Your Life in Plain Text
Coronavirus fatality rate could be as low as 0.26%, CDC says
A Guide to Threat Modelling for Developers
Software will eat software in a remote-first world
List of Common Misconceptions
How Sweden wasted a ‘rare opportunity’ to study coronavirus in schools
Common Rust Lifetime Misconceptions
The Mainframe Is a Modern Platform
Python performance: it’s not just the interpreter
Better Box Shadows (CSS)
The State of the AWK
Blogging Is Not Dead
Graduate Student Solves Decades-Old Conway Knot Problem
SSH Agent Explained
Understanding uncertainty: Visualising probabilities
If I could bring one thing back to the internet it would be blogs
Network-Layer DDoS Attack Trends for Q1 2020
The logging framework isn't a bottleneck, and other lies your laptop tells you
The New Alzheimer's–Air Pollution Link
Deno 1.0
Remote work can also be a source of socioeconomic inequality
Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics
RISC-V OS using Rust: Filesystems
The most prized degree in India became the most worthless
2020 Knuth Prize is awarded to Cynthia Dwork [pdf]
Can AI Become Conscious?
Twitter Will Allow Employees to Work at Home Forever


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