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These are notes I took whilst preparing a paper on mask efficacy from Nov 2021 to Jan 2022. In the end, I gave up on the paper, because I felt like people had given up on masks, so there wasn’t much point in finishing it. I’ve decided to publish these notes in the hope some people will find them a useful starting point for their own research, and since I’ve noticed some signs in recent weeks that people might be open to avoiding COVID again. My previous paper on this topic, in which I led a team of 19 experts, was written in April 2020, and published here in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

Masks for COVID: Updating the evidence






日本の市販品だと少ないかもしれないが、これらは(特に四つ目は)自作のマスクを使う人にも当てはまるような条件を並べている。マスクが自分自身の息で濡れてきたりするようだと細菌が付着しやすくなるのは当然なので、頻繁に乾かしたり濡れないよう二重にするとか、工夫がいるということだろう。そして、なるべく効果が上がるようにということで、CDC などでも使い捨てのマスクに布マスクを被せる多重のマスクを推奨していたりする。

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