Welcome to MarkupDancing

MarkupDancing is a personal website made by Takayuki Kawamoto (aka "philsci") as a philosopher on the street and as Chief Privacy Officer (CPO under Japanese Industrial Standards of JIS Q 15001 and ISO/IEC 27001) at an IT company of web development and other services. I majored the philosophy of science at the graduate school in Kansai University (master) and Kobe University (doctorate), and then I was endowed MA (specialty: the philosophy of science and logic) from Kansai University in 2007. But I retired my doctoral course before the last year so I do not have Ph.D after all. Now I am a member of Philosophy of Science Society, Japan.

Questions and answers

How do I contact with you?
Please email me: ***THISSITENAME*** at You will know what should you do with this explanation.
When did you launch this website?
Since 1999, and its name was Private Porch for Philosophers of Science and Logic.
What have become of InterfaceWorkshop and as your websites?
Surely these were my old websites for "shell replacements" on Windows like as LiteStep and GeoShell, and now I am also a daily user of LiteStep. But I will not host such contents anymore and the domain was unregistered in 2013. Recently, someone got this domain and published blog entries under "湯島天神へのアクセス方法を探す," and it should have nothing to do with my own old contents at all.